HVAC Design

Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning

An HVAC design is required for permit for all new home construction in the province of Ontario. It must be present when applying for building permit. (O.B.C 9.32). This design is to be stamped by licensed mechanical designer who holds the appropriate BCIN number or a mechanical engineer.

For addition/renovation construction an HVAC design “may” be required for permit, depending on overall scope & size of addition/renovation. In general, most additions over 400 sq.ft will require an HVAC design.

A HVAC plans consist of:

  • Calculations for Heat Loss & Gain
  • Ventilation Design
  • HRV Design
  • Duct Design (btu’s, cfm’s) & schematics based on your particular house design.
  • Hydronic in-floor Heating design with calculations and loop layout

We can provide complete HVAC plans for new houses, even if the house was not designed by our firm. House plans must be completed before an HVAC design can be started and currently due to work loads take approximately 1 – 2 +/- weeks to complete.

We do not provide HVAC plans for addition/renovations.

HVAC Designs typically are $650.00 for new homes under 3,500 sq.ft with a single unit forced-air heating system. Contact us for price for larger homes, homes with multiple furnace systems or hydronic infloor heat design.