Additional Services

We can provide these additional services.

  • Plot Plan: (show location and orientation of home / addition on property) $350.00
  • Engineered Cistern Design: (below garage slab) $600.00
  • HVAC Design: click here for details $650.00
  • Electrical Plans: (not required for permit however, can be beneficial.) $275.00 per floor
  • 3D Exterior Colour Renderings: click here for details $575.00
  • Additional copies of your house plans: $3.50 for 24″x36″ sheet

Permit Application Package:

We look after obtaining all the other supporting documents to make a full building permit submission and then apply on your behalf.  Call to discuss.

Manufacturer Shop Packages:

We can take care of obtaining all necessary details & seals from lumber/truss company. Included is engineered & sealed truss details, wood joists, beam layouts & lumber material lists. Call to discuss.

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